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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 15, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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street today and was hit and killed by an suv. the crash happened about 2:00 this afternoon in the 10,000 block of sugar berry street and waldorf. the driver stopped and stayed on the scene. jackie bensen is on the way and we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. i'm jim handly. the countdown is on. the unofficial start of summer is less than two weeks away now. >> if you have travel plans this memorial day, aaa has advice. pack your patience. michelle franzen has a travel forecast for the busy holiday weekend. >> it's that time, the official kickoff to summer and more americans are gearing up to get away this memorial holiday. compared to last year, more than a half million more americans will be traveling nearly 35 million in all. and the majority will be hitting the road. >> that means almost nine out of
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ten travelers will be taking to the nation's roads between may 24th and may 28th. >> one of the driving factors, gas prices is have tapered off in recent weeks. a gallon of regular is 25 cents less than this time last year. 47% of those surveyed say gas prices will still have an impact. >> the overall average distance traveled by americans during the memorial day weekend is expected to be 150 miles less than last year. >> cutting back on how far they travel and on other expenses like entertainment and food. >> think about when you spend money and destination. you spend a lot of money on food. so think about eating one meal a day in rome. >> air travel is expected to be down 5.5% from last year due to higher ticket prices and baggage fees. but experts say travelers can still find deals in last minute packages. >> that means booking your air and hotel. your care, car and hotel
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together. you're definitely going to save. >> whether saving or splurging, the possibilities of an endless summer are almost here. michelle franzen, nbc news new york. break out the umbrellas, we're in for a stormy night. >> veronica johnson is here. >> a story for us with the big rains that moved out at 9:00 a.m. then we got breaks in the cloud cover. it's been a very humid day and a very warm day with temperatures in the 70s. we've gotten just the right ingredients with an approaching weather system to get severe weather in here. severe thunderstorm watch not over our immediate area, but in north carolina, south carolina until 10:00 p.m., north carolina, 9:00 p.m. in south carolina. i do think we could see a severe thunderstorm watch issued for portions of our viewing area. you can see how scattered the showers and storms are.
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the watch might be from i-66 towards the south. as far as right now where we're seeing some of the strongest of storms, right around sunder lynn, that's moving to the northeast. around allens fresh around 301. that's heading northeast towards golden beach and port royal area, making its way over 17. we've got more storms off to the west, right around charlottesville, toward areas around bridgewater. that's all pushing to the northeast. headed our way for late afternoon. for the early part of the night. mention that it's been warm out there. in the upper 70s. even low 80s. charlottesvillend around fredericksburg and virginia. the night forecast again, keep the umbrellas ready. keep a watchful eye on the sky. keep it tuned to nbc 4. the showers could last past 7:00 and 8:00 and even 9:00. we'll update you and look at radar in a couple of minutes. >> the justice department launched a criminal probe of jpmorgan chase to investigate
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the $2 billion trading loss. it's the second federal agency to do so. the securities and exchange commission is also looking into it. jpmorg jpmorgan's ceo, jamie dimon addressed shareholders today in tampa. he said the losses were self-inflicted but insisted the bank is still sound and profitable. despite the trading blunder, he still got support from shareholders. necessity voted to let him keep his job as chair and his pay packa package. cate edwards is 34 years old and a lawyer. she sits with her father almost every day. she left when she became upset over testimony about her late mother's reaction to her father's affair. the defense today introduced records showing edwards' campaign finance chair paid his mistress a $9,000 monthly
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allowance. the 2008 presidential candidate pleaded not guilty to using nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions to hide his pregnant mistress from the media. d.c. police are trying to determine what triggered a shooting between one of their officers and a man walking his dogs last night. they say the officer shot and killed dominique campbell after campbell allegedly opened fire along sixth street southeast. tracee wilkins has details. >> this morning d.c. police are taking pictures of evidence searching for additional shell casings and trying to piece together this deadly shooting. people who live in this community say they heard about four shots last night. then they say they saw dozens of police cars quickly arrive. d.c. police say that around 10:30 last night, they were called to the 4200 block of sixth street and southeast for the report of a man walking to yorkshire terriers while armed with a gun. >> as the officers confronted the individual, the individual
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produced a weapon and fired at the officer. the officer returned fire striking the individual multiple times. >> police say the man was killed on the scene and his gun recovered. the officer who was shot was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> how many people you see walking a dog, two yorkies with guns? >> lionel peterson knew the man. he said he had an 8-year-old son and lived nearby with his girlfriend. he says he's surprised by the accusation that he was armed. >> never seen the man doing anything violent, no nothing. how you doing, walk his dogs. i got dogs myself. we sit and kmat about it a little bit. you keep it -- i never seen him do nothing wrong a day in my life. >> the man was grazed by the bullet. he's expected to be okay. he's been on the force for 3.5 years working here in the seventh district on the midnight shift. in southeast, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. a memorial service was held this morning up on capitol hill for law enforcement officers
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killed in the line of duty last year. president obama was among those who attended the service today and paid tribute to the men and women who make their ultimate sacrifice to save others. >> this willingness to risk everything for a complete stranger is extraordinary. and yet, among our nation's law enforcement officers, it is also commonplace. >> president kennedy first proclaimed may 15th as a day to honor fallen police officers. the first criminal charges have been filed today in the phone hacking scandal that led to the collapse a british newspaper. the charges were brought against the former editor of the news of the world tabloid. stephanie goss has more. >> rebecca brooks and her husband and four others are charged with concealing evidence from police investigating possible widespread phone hacking at the news of the world newspaper. these are the first criminal charges since that investigation
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began. >> charge one, conspiracy to pervert the cause of justice. rebecca brooks, between the 6th of july and 19th of july 201 conspired with charles brooks, cheryl carter, mark hanna, paul edwards, and persons unknown to conceal material from the metropolitan police service. >> the couple released a statement calling the decision to proceed with the trial both unjust and weak. brooks stepped down as the head of rupert murdoch's british newspaper last summer. she rose through the company quickly and at a young age becoming editor of the sun tabloid and then editor of news of the world. when murdoch flew to london last summer, he were asked by a journalist outside his home what his priority was and he famously turned to brooks and said this one. days later, she resigned. brooks strongly denies all of the allegations. a date for the trial has yet to
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be set. stephanie gosk, nbc news london. an airport security supervisor used a dead man's identity and he pleaded not guilty in court. that airport worker is from nigeria. police arrested him. he worked as an airport security supervisor at newark airport for the past 20 years. authorities say he's been using the name jerry thomas, who was the victim of a homicide in new york city back in 1992. prosecutors say the man may have four or five other aliases. he's currently being held on $250,000 bail. the miracle on the hudson pilot is at odds with new york city's mayor over garbage. the city wants to build a new garbage transfer facility near a runway at laguardia airport. pilot sullenberger said it will attract birds that can cripple airplanes like the one he was forced to land on the hudson three years ago. sullenberger appears in a new
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radio ad criticizing the plan. >> strongly opposed to the city's construction of a garbage transfer facility next to laguardia's runway. it will attract birds into the path of on coming flights. >> mayor bloomberg says another station was in that same location for 50 years until 2001. and there were no bird issues he points out. he says the new facility is state of the art and will be enclosed making it even safer than the old one. >> this may not be a good omen, the new president of france was aboard a government passenger jet when his plane was struck by lightning. it happened hours after president francois hollande became president. he was on the way to germany for financial discussions with german chancellor angela merkel. the aircraft was hit by lightning shortly after takeoff and had to return to the airport. defense officials say hollande transferred to another aircraft and took off again. meanwhile, after handing
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overpower, the outgoing president, nicolas sarkozy was spotted at a park in western paris for a run. i don't have to say sarkozy anymore or this, is that right? is that the way it works? >> unless he's in the news. lady gaga's dress leaves a lot of people stewing. cane of hot 99.5 joins us for talk. he was a local star on the hit show the voice. today he returned home to give back to the community. and how much would you spend to get your dog back? how about 60 grand in legal fees. fe[ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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comedienne and talk show host, ellen degeneres has another reason to do the happy dance today. the kennedy center announced it will honor her with its mark twain prize for american humor this year. the kennedy center chair says ellen's special brand of humor that we all love at 3:00 allows us to find hilarity in the mundane and kept us laughing for years. the award will be presented to her at the kennedy center october 22nd. ellen says she's honored to receive the prize, but wonders
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"why didn't i get this sooner?" >> why not? she can also dance for this reason. today, ryan seacrest bought her beverly hills mansion for $49 million. >> whoa. >> tmz reports there's a main house with nine bedrooms, there are three guest houses and a few ponds around the property. the deal will close later this week. ♪ can only make me stronger ♪ i need you to hurry up now ♪ because i can't wait much longer ♪ ♪ i know i got to be right now ♪ >> the melodies of moses stone who gave children at objection en hill middle school a treat. the voice finalist talked to kids about believing in their dreams and one day, he says, those dreams will come true. stone recently received a single. it's entitled my moment worldwide. he released it worldwide. he'll join us in the studios tomorrow on news 4 at 4:00.
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>> big day. ♪ ♪ >> aren't they cute? >> yes. it's not america's got talent. they call them the grannies. last month they beat out 24 our acts and will represent russia in the eurovision song contest next week. this is video of the first rehearsals for the finals last night. the folk group is made up of six grand mothers from a remote village. most are well over 70 years old. they've become quite a sensation since being chosen to represent russia, signing lots of autographs and posing for lofts pictures, too. concert canceled. lady gaga's sold out concert in indonesia is being nixed because of pressure from islamic hard liners and conservative
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politicians. they've criticized her over her clothing and dance moves which they feel will corrupt the youth of indonesia. she's traveling in asia on her born this way ball. they've refused to give her a permit for the concert june 3rd. more gaga news here. she's being criticized for pulling something old out of her closet. imagine that. texting anxiety, a mistype will change the course and dynamic of a relationship. >> potty talk this afternoon. high tech help for parents of toddlers. here with details is cane of hot 99.5. >> hey cane. >> let's talk about gaga on that asia floor and the dress she pulled out to wear again. >> hold on a second. it's not the original meat dress she work in, what was it, 2010 to the mtv. you may remember the original dress that made a lot of headlines when she wore it on stage. people were shocked that she would wear -- well, that's the new one.
4:18 pm
as you can tell -- the new one has a plunging neckline, is much shorter. she redesigned the dress to be more suitable to go on tour with her. it's the meat locker set that goes -- this is true. it goes along with a meat locker set that she performs with on stage. as well as being shorter, it's a lot tighter fit. according to some people. it's shorter and tighter. we're going to see an alba core tuna dress soon. >> i don't know. she likes red meat. >> obviously, she does. that's the set right there that everyone is talking about. get ready with the lady gaga tour for the brand new meat dress. >> the old one has flies flying around. >> believe it or not. they preserved it in a museum. they managed to save the meat dress and preserved the entire thing. >> i would like to see that. i know you would too, pat. >> no, i wouldn't. >> a study finds texting anxiety for both sexes, especially early in the relationship.
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>> nobody talks on the phone anymore. nobody does. one word can change an entire relationship. men get more stressed out about texting than any other part of meeting women. not walking up and saying hi anymore. that was number four. the awkward first kiss was number three. bad conversation was number two. number one, the most frustrating part of dating is texting. it's crafting the perfect text. a lot of guys will actually text something. dear pat, oh, no, that's not right. back, back, back. hey, pat. no, too formal. back, back, back. and that's exactly what they do. guys stress approximate about this. we put this on the air and i was thinking, no way. believe it or not, most men who called in to the show actually agreed. texting women -- >> break out in a sweat. >> absolutely. one word and all that opportunity to mess up gives men anxiety. >> got to watch your texting carefully.
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>> yeah. >> when you're dating and trying to impress. the land rover ads that we see a lot of encourage people to get off the beaten path and really try out their cars. the company has a campaign to help drivers who not only get off the beaten path, they get lost. >> exactly right. you see, eating is manual, yes. however, quick safety tip. read that before you eat it. inside the manual, it gives you survival tips how to find water, shelter, how to eat food. eat your meat dress. but here's the best part. they printed it with ink and paper that is edible and the entire book has the caloric intake of a cheeseburger that -- oh, yeah. >> you're making this up. >> they thought this through. >> no. this is 100% legitimate. if you go to i heart cane, the website, i have links to it like crazy. you can see for yourself. as a matter of fact, you know what. i'm going to roll the land rover
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dealership after this. i'll see if i can find one and we'll snack on it. >> potty training, the toddler could be pretty rough for both parents we know. now there is an app for that to help out. >> exactly. you've never seen a high schooler in diapers. you know it's going to happen eventually. there are four apps to will help a toddler be potty trained. for $1.99, the new potty. if your kid likes mercer mayor and little critter, this is a must have potty book that will help them along their journey. there's a pull-ups book called i go potty with a tiny i. that sings the i'm a big kid now. the potty chart. like a gold star chart that will cheer when your kid goes potty, that's $2.99. once upon a potty. $1.99 much those are on the website. >> parents will take all the help they can get. >> good to see you. good to see you guys. friends of a woman who is battling a fresh eating
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veronica has been watching
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storm activity. where are the storms? >> they're scattered to the south and west. cane said it's an ominous looking sky. you were probably thinking the same thing. the clouds that go from white to gray. in parts of the area, the clout tops have been billowing high into the atmosphere. in a moment we'll check out the radar. let's check out the temperature first. we're at 77 degrees. the humidity at 64%. the dew point and temperature at 64 degrees. so plenty humid out there. again, some of the trigger for the storms that we're already seeing to the south of us. you can see them there from annapolis towards fredericksburg. showers with isolated strong storms that are making their way northeastward. this one around sutherland. making its way over the bay pretty soon. allens fresh over 301. this cell, very strong, could produce some hail. that's one of the main threats that we have from this evening's storms in the early part of the night. could be producing some hail as well as very high winds.
4:26 pm
this one crossing over 15 here, headed toward beaver dam area in ashland. as far as the rainfall that we've gotten already today. this morning, it really came down hard. ma nas as, virginia, almost a half inch of rain. gators burglary. -- winding down at 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. look at the temperatures, it's going to be mild in the overnight. 60 to 65 degrees. again, where we are right now, upper 70s to low 80s down to the south. so awfully warm and there's the front. or at least one of those fronts that will be making its way through our area. 7:00. by the time we get to tomorrow morning, it will be well to the east. so we'll even be seeing clearing skies by tomorrow morning when you wake up this time. should be dry to start out the day. but then, we've got another secondary weather front making its way toward our area. this one not doing anything until late in the day. we could see a few showers popping down to the south of us.
4:27 pm
then a few more showers, maybe an isolated storm coming through. but i don't think we'll have iic -- mostly cloudy, scattered showers, isolated strong storms. 67 to 72 degrees with the wind out of southwest at 5 miles per hour. then a warm start tomorrow. again, probably a mixture of clouds and sunshine. the clouds trying to blowout of here. 59 to 65 with that westerly wind. then for tomorrow afternoon, possible storms out to the south abdomen east. 79 to 85. with a front coming in late, could be a bit more. here's a look at the four-day forecast. a 30% chance of showers or storms. your high 83. right back up as we've been today. in fact the temperatures for thursday, friday, saturday, upper 70s to 80 degrees. we'll be drying out very quickly with lovely weather as we head into the weekend. again, up until 8:00 or 9:00 we'll watch the ray dore for you. >> thanks, veronica.
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still to come, a $60,000 battle just to get his dog back. it's a bitter feud between exes. it's a bitter feud between exes. plus, what a woman did after
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. this is news 4 at 4:00. welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i am pat lawson muse.
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i'm jim handly. in the news at 4:00, the start of the summer traveling season is upon us. they expect 35 million people to get out of town. that's about half a million more than last year. the small spike is thanks, in part, to falling gas prices. prices at the pump were about 25 cents less than they were this time last we're. >> john edwards daughter has not taken the stand yet but could be called at any minute. the 2008 presidential candidate is on trial accused of using nearly a million dollars in campaign donations to hide his pregnant mistress from the media. he's pleaded not guilty. today the justice department launched a criminal probe of jpmorgan chase to investigate the bank's $2 billion trade loss. it's the second federal agency to look into the matter. meanwhile, ceo jamie dimon told his shareholders today that the company's losses were "self-inflicted" but its finances remain strong. shareholders voted to let him keep his title and his $23
4:32 pm
million pay package. news about the stronger u.s. economy and manufacturing wasn't enough to overcome the political and debt problems in greece today. the dow lost 63 points to close at 12,632. the nasdaq fell 8 points and the s&p 500 was off by 7. a messy breakup leads to a bitter cross-country custody battle. but it's not about kids or tangible possessions. >> no. this is about a dog named knuckles. like many custody battles, it's proving to be an expensive battle. here is the report. >> reporter: with floppy ears and a squishy face, knuckles is so much more than just his best friend. >> knuckles is my son. i don't mean to come off as if he's more important than an actual human child. but to me, he is. >> reporter: but he's a new
4:33 pm
yorker and hasn't seen him in many months since his ex-girlfriend sara moved away to california and took three-year-old knuckles along. >> knuckles is part of my family. i was with him since he was four months old. >> reporter: they got him while still a couple he says. but there's no question, that knuckles belongs to him. >> i bought knuckles, i actually spent the money, i was his caretaker for the most part. >> reporter: with knuckles 2500 miles away, he isn't just sad, he's suing. in court papers filed in new york, he claims sara has kidnapped knuckles. >> it's a property dispute. it's a theft. >> reporter: in the meantime, he insists the dispute is getting costly. 60 grand and counting he says. and it's wiped out his life savings. he's posted a rescue nuks video online asking strangers to pitch in. >> he's so loving and so sweet and warm. the only problem is my exiler
4:34 pm
stole him. >> reporter: he vehemently disputes the account. >> we split everything 50/50. vet bills, daycare bills. everything was divvied up and split. >> reporter: she said he left the dog with her and her family. she said knuckles was an unconditional gift. >> he claims that he was trying to find a home for the dog. and i did take the dog to california. i didn't need to check with him. it wasn't his dog. >> reporter: she's fighting back to dismiss the case. it's all about revenge she says. >> i don't think it's about the dog. i think it's about the fact that i moved on with my life and moved to california. >> reporter: knuckles is better off with her she says. >> he is like my son. he's a huge part of my life. i look forward to it every day. it has been an emotional situation and i wouldn't be okay if i lost him. >> this is a simple case. will the facts show that the dog
4:35 pm
was actually a gift? ultimately, though, the judge will also look at what's in the best interest of this dog. >> reporter: it's a bitter case. when it comes to who gets knuckles, it's also one of dogged determination. >> the most important thing is getting knuckles back. i'm going to do whatever that takes. >> now, the core legal question here is who actually owns knuckles. in cases like these animals are considered property under the law. new zealand's so-called millionaire runaway faced a judge today. she's accused of leaving the country after a bank mistakenly deposited $8 million in their bank account. both she and her partner left for hong kong after that bank's error. today she pleaded not guilty to 30 charges, including money laundering. her partner is awaiting trial. authorities say about $6 million was transferred to accounts in china while $3 million is still
4:36 pm
outstanding. here at home, there's a city in our area that has the most bookworms in the entire country. >> lot of reading going on. compiled the number of book, magazine and newspaper sales in both print and kindle since last year. and what amazon came up with, a list of the most well-read cities in america and alexandria, virginia ranked number one. >> numero uno. >> the retailer reports that romance novels are especially popular in alexandria, perhaps as a result of "50 shades of grey." >> a lot of folks are reading that. arlington ranked number 7 and washington isn't too far off at number 9. much more ahead on news 4 for this afternoon. why a couple is willing to give up their mansion for a stake in the facebook ipo. plus, what is a
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this morning, some special characters from sesame street dropped by our nbc 4 studios. elmo and his new friend katie are joining the uso on a bus tour for military families. the 8-month road trip showcases the challenges for military
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families, like frequent transfers from base to base. time to check out daily deals. >> first off, on living social, pay 39 bucks and one month of unlimited hot yoga classes in rockville. bik ram yoga. it offers classes that it improve your balance and reduce stress. this deal is a 76% discount, more than 300 people have picked it up so far. and on groupon this afternoon, pay 24 bucks for $50 at diva boutique. this is an upscale consignment shop in alexandria. it offers designer apparel for half off the original price. you'll find the big brands and a whole newline of jewelry to complete your new look. don't forget, you can download our own nbc 4 iphone app for free to stay up to date on the latest news and weather on the go. just search nbc washington on itunes. coming up, one couple is willing to trade for a shot at
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some of facebook's stock at the ipo price. plus the 911 call made by the parents of a missing girl. released -
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4:43 pm
veronica has an update now on the stormy weather we're watching. >> yes. we still have some of those isolated strong storms out there. but we could see more of them
4:44 pm
filling in over the next couple of hours. certainly, until the sun goes down. as far as today goes, yeah, it's been very warm and it's going to be a warm evening too. i don't expect the storm or storm chances to really go away until the late evening hours, about 8:00 and 9:00 or so. then that rain should wrap up about 11:00 p.m. as far as how much more we could get, a little bit me with some of these. some are bringing some pretty good rains as you'll see in a moment. 69 by 11 p.m. 65 tomorrow morning. as we start to clear out, could see a little fog in the area. patchy fog on tap for tomorrow morning. here's a look at radar. notice that everywhere in d.c. north, we're pretty much okay right now. down to the south where some of those storms have been firing and making their way to the north and east. i've been watching this cell now just east of 301. it's headed towards budds creek area and mechanicsville. when i tap on that cell, it shows the rain could potentially be coming down at an inch per
4:45 pm
hour. with the storms coming through, we could see downpours as well as some lightning. i'm seeing those with mainly the cells just to the west of the area. harrisonburg, rutgersville area. between wul pculpeper and la ra. we have a chance of isolated thunderstorms this evening. as far as 11:30, where will we be? things quieting down. we'll start to see some clearing and more clearing by early tomorrow morning. call it a partly cloudy to mostly sunny type start. then more clouds come in for the afternoon again. 3:00 not too bad. it's around late in the day. around 8:00, 9:00 when that front comes through. it could bring a few more showers and storms to the area. nice and warm tomorrow. getting up to 79 to 83 degrees across the area. areas south could be a little higher on temperatures tomorrow. again, only a 30% chance of some showers coming through our area for your wednesday. 83 to 77 your high for thursday.
4:46 pm
thursday, friday, looking absolutely fantastic. it's the andrews air show this weekend, andrews air force base. delightful weather for that. saturday sunshine, 79 sunday. clouds are building. there's a slight chance that we might have showers coming in on sunday. but right now, keeping the weekend dry. >> all right. like to hear that. thanks veronica. this week, facebook releases its ipo and today the company has upped the new price range from between $29 and $34 to $34 to $39 a share. >> quite a leap there. some are willing to do anything to get be a part of this $180 million shares up for grabs. cnbc's jane wells talks to a man who has already put his multimillion dollar home on the line for a chance to get a piece of facebook. >> waking up in a park. >> ken roush is a lifelong entrepreneur who, with his college sweetheart, linda,
4:47 pm
brought their dream home in lows gad owes, an upscale burb. >> 15th century bricks brought over from france. >> six bedrooms, 10,000 square feet. the original owner had his facepainted into an entryway mural and the house is decorated with thomas kinkade originals. a company roush took public. they bought the home for less than $4 million. with silicon valley, a wash in ipo money, they want to sell for? >> $29 million. >> not necessarily in cash. after an investor bought a home for $100 million dollar. roush thought he would trade it for free facebook shares. >> i think facebook has a great model and would love to own a piece of it. we've gotten a couple of e-mails from people preliminarily. one individual had indicated that he has some facebook shares and was hoping and planning on actually after the ipo buying some real estate.
4:48 pm
the other person was inquiring about how many shares it would take. >> roush has put his offer online. it's not clear that using shares before an ipo would be legal under s.e.c. rules. roush hopes it is. he'd like to get in before facebook goes public. >> that's our preference. >> post with cash is fine. after the fact cash is good too. >> yeah. >> status update. willing to sell house for facebook ipo shares. takers -- >> put that on your wall. i like that. coming up next on news 4 at 4:00 this afternoon. honda shows off a hands-free unicycle. plus, it's 400 years old and expected to rake in some really big bucks. it's a precious diamond. we'll show it to you come upping. coming up, a man shot and killed by d.c. police while walking his dog. the victim's family and police
4:49 pm
are telling two very different stories about what happened. training day at the white house, david beckham teams up with the first lady to give students a once in a lifetime opportunity. we'll tell you about a new mental health test you can take in minutes. ini woke up with this horrible rash on my right side. an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl... i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit
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robotic chair that resembles a floating car seat of sorts. a simple move from side to side is all it takes to turn, rotate in a circle or move forward. while it might look like fun, don't count on buying one any time soon. the device called a uni--cub is being put on display. there are no plans to develop it commercially. >> no armrests though. she may be old but she's quite the beauty. take a look at this. 400 years old. it's called the -- a buyer bought it in geneva today for a cool $9.7 million. the gem weighs nearly 35 carats and is cut in the rare pear shape. it's been owned by the royal families of france, england and prussia throughout history. >> trade that for some facebook shares. >> big beautiful rock. >> boy, that's bright. coming up next, friends of a woman battling a flesh-eating
4:53 pm
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there's a blood drive under way at the university of west georgia for a student battling a rare flesh-eating bacteria. aimee copeland got the infection
4:56 pm
after a zip line accident nearly two weeks ago. she's already had one of her legs amputated and is likely to lose her fingers. she's still listed in critical condition at an augusta hospital. authorities released the 911 calls made by the parents of a missing 6-year-old girl in arizona. police say her father has made inconsistent statements. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> reporter: i need to report a missing child. i believe she was abducted from a house. >> reporter: it's the call no father should have to make. sergio celis tells police that his daughter isabel is gone. his wife, he tells the operator, not home. >> is mom there also. >> she had just left for work. i called her -- >> reporter: ten minutes later. >> get somebody over here. she's only six. >> reporter: isabel's mother is on the phone with police. sergio celis says he last saw her the night of april 20th.
4:57 pm
the next morning police say he told them her bedroom was open, the screen pushed aside on a property surrounded by a 5-foot wall guarded by three dogs. what do you guys think happened to isa? >> cannot. >> reporter: that's what sergio told nbc news in an exclusive interview two weeks ago. the police have yet to call it a kidnapping, instead labeling it a suspicious disappearance. police have executed search warrants at the celis home, combing the property for evidence and clues. law enforcement sources tell nbc news investigators have found nothing to support a stranger abduction theory. >> if there is no evidence whatsoever, no fingerprints, footprints, no dna or fibers inside that house, if the only evidence is family members, the focus will remain on them. >> reporter: meanwhile, police
4:58 pm
confirmed that the parents have both taken polygraph tests. but law enforcement sources tell nbc news that sergio's statements about the nidus abell disappeared have been "inconsistent." at a press conference monday, tucson's police chief said interviews conducted last week led to new information and a call to child protective services. >> sergio is now separated from and cannot contact his two other sons, ages 10 and 14. meanwhile, police say both of isabel's parents are continuing to cooperate with investigators. now at 5:00, breaking news. a young child dies in the street. breaking news right now. a 6-year-old boy killed right in front of his mother. it happened just a few hours ago in waldorf, maryland. chopper 4 there over the scene. good evening everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. she turned her back for one second and her son was gone.
4:59 pm
>> he darted out into oncoming traffic and was hit by an suv. news 4's jackie bensen is live at the scene with the latest for us. jackie? >> this is a well-manicured and well-kept subdivision off smallwood drive in waldorf. it is astonishing to think this happened here. the vehicle was not speeding according to police. but it's just this suv was so big and this little boy was so small. apparently, his mother had stopped to hand a letter to a postal carrier that she saw and in that second as she's handing the letter, the little boy unbuckles his seatbelt, gets out of the car that he's in with his mother and sort of darts out into the street. you know how fast they can move at that age and was struck by the suv. now the driver of the suv stayed at the scene as i said. police don't believe she was speeding, don't believe there was anything amiss in this accident. it really was just that word


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